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Resource Documents: Noise (642 items)


Also see NWW press release on noise

Short-term annoyance reactions to stationary and time-varying wind turbine and road traffic noise
Author:  Schäffer, Beat; et al.

Annoyance caused by amplitude modulation of wind turbine noise
Author:  Lee, Seunghoon; Kim, Kyutae; Choi, Wooyoung; and Lee, Soogab

Wind turbines cause chronic stress in badgers (Meles meles) in Great Britain
Author:  Agnew, Roseanna; Smith, Valerie; and Fowkes, Robert
Health, Noise, Wildlife

Position of the National Institute of Public Health–National Institute of Hygiene on wind farms
Author:  National Institute of Hygiene, National Institute of Public Health, Poland
Health, Noise, Poland, Siting

Journal of the Acoustical Society of America: Special issue on wind turbine noise
Author:  Various

Wind farm infrasound – Are we measuring what is actually there or something else?
Author:  Cooper, Steven

Measurement of infrasound generated by wind turbine generator
Author:  Sugimoto, Takanao; Koyama, Kenji; Kurihara, Yosuke; and Watanabe, Kajiro
Japan, Noise

Exposure-response relationship of wind turbine noise with self-reported symptoms of sleep and health problems: A nationwide socioacoustic survey in Japan
Author:  Kageyama, Takayuki; Yano, Takashi; Kuwano, Sonoko; Sueoka, Shinichi; and Tachibana, Hideki
Health, Japan, Noise

Professional Caution to Brown County Health Department
Author:  Rand, Robert
Health, Noise

Speech for the Falmouth Rally, 27th February, 2016
Author:  Laurie, Sarah
Health, Human rights, Noise

Bullet points for Draft Wind Farm State Code acoustics review
Author:  David, Antoine
Australia, Health, Noise, Regulations

Impact of wind turbine sound on general health, sleep disturbance and annoyance of workers: a pilot-study in Manjil wind farm, Iran
Author:  Abbasi, Milad; Monazzam, Mohammad Reza; Akbarzadeh, Arash; Zakerian, Seyyed Abbolfazl; and Ebrahimi, Mohammad Hossein
Health, Iran, Noise

CAW wind turbine: noise, health, and property concerns
Author:  Krisselbrink, Barry
Health, Noise, Ontario, Property values

Infrasound/low-frequency noise and wind turbines
Author:  Stelling, Keith; and Multi-Municipal Wind Turbine Working Group
Health, Noise

Malcolm Swinbanks before the Senate Select Committee on Wind Turbines
Author:  Swinbanks, Malcolm; and Australia Senate Select Committee on Wind Turbines
Australia, Canada, Noise, U.K., U.S.

Malcolm Swinbanks: Questions Taken on Notice
Author:  Swinbanks, Malcolm; and Australia Senate Select Committee on Wind Turbines
Australia, Michigan, Noise

Low Frequency Noise-Induced Pathology: Contributions Provided by the Portuguese Wind Turbine Case
Author:  Castelo Branco, Nuno; Alves-Pereira, Mariana; et al.
Health, Noise, Portugal

Clinical Protocol for Evaluating Pathology Induced by Low Frequency Noise Exposure
Author:  Castelo Branco, Nuno; Alves-Pereira, Mariana; et al.
Health, Noise

Stationary wind turbine infrasound emissions and propagation loss measurements
Author:  Huson, Les
Australia, Noise, Technology

Senate Select Committee on Wind Turbines: Interim Report
Author:  Australia Senate Select Committee on Wind Turbines
Australia, Health, Noise, Regulations

Wind turbine hosts’ testimony to Senate Select Committee on Wind Turbines
Author:  Gare, Clive; and Gare, Petrina
Australia, Health, Noise

Wind Turbines – A Changed Environment
Author:  Palmer, William

Sound exposure in harbour seals during the installation of an offshore wind farm: predictions of auditory damage
Author:  Hastie, Gordon; Russell, Deborah; McConnell, Bernie; et al.
Noise, Wildlife

Effect of Wind Turbine Noise on Workers’ Sleep Disorder: A Case Study of Manjil Wind Farm in Northern Iran
Author:  Abbasi, Milad; Monazzam, Mohammad Reza; Zakerian, Sayed Abbolfazl; and Yousefzadeh, Arsalan
Health, Iran, Noise

Intensivierung der Forschung zu möglichen gesundheitlichen Auswirkungen bei Betrieb und Ausbau von Windenergieanlagen
Author:  German Medical Association
Germany, Health, Noise

Effect of wind turbine noise on sleep and quality of life
Author:  Onakpoya, Igho; O’Sullivan, Jack; Thompson, Matthew; and Heneghan, Carl
Health, Noise

Constructive interference of tonal infrasound from synchronised wind farm turbines: evidence and implications
Author:  Bell, Andrew
Australia, Noise, Technology

Auditory Recognition of Familiar and Unfamiliar Subjects with Wind Turbine Noise
Author:  Maffei, Luigi; Masullo, Massimiliano; Di Gabriele, Maria; et al.

Analysis of aerodynamic sound noise generated by a large-scaled wind turbine and its physiological evaluation
Author:  Inagaki, T.; Li, Y.; and Nishi, Y.

Direct Experience of Low-Frequency Noise and Infrasound within a Windfarm Community
Author:  Swinbanks, Malcolm
Health, Michigan, Noise, Technology

Industrial wind energy: Discussion on nuisance and negligence actions relating to noise and health
Author:  Neville, Tania
Australia, Health, Law, Noise, Safety

Submission to the Senate Select Committee on Wind Turbines: Alun Evans
Author:  Evans, Alun
Australia, Health, Noise

Theory to explain some physiological effects of the infrasonic emissions at some wind farm sites
Author:  Schomer, Paul; Erdreich, John; Pamidighantam, Pranav; and Boyle, James
Health, Noise, Wisconsin

Submission to the Senate Select Committee on Wind Turbines: Hanning
Author:  Hanning, Christopher
Australia, Health, Noise

Infrasound Measurements of Falmouth Wind Turbines
Author:  Bahtiarian, Michael; and Beaudry, Allan
Massachusetts, Noise

Annoyance, detection and recognition of wind turbine noise
Author:  Van Renterghem, Timothy; Bockstael, Annelies; De Weirt, Valentine; and Botteldooren, Dick
Belgium, Noise

Statement of Evidence on behalf of Glenmark Community Against Wind Turbines
Author:  Shepherd, Daniel
Health, New Zealand, Noise

E-mail messages from acoustic consultants and researchers to Steven Cooper and colleagues
Author:  James, Richard; Swinbanks, Malcolm; and Rand, Robert
Australia, Health, Noise, Wisconsin

Review of the Cape Bridgewater acoustic testing program and where it is leading
Author:  Schomer, Paul; and Hessler, George
Australia, Health, Noise

Wind turbine noise propagation below 100 Hz
Author:  MG Acoustics
Canada, Noise, Technology

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