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Resource Documents: Spain (14 items)


Unless indicated otherwise, documents presented here are not the product of nor are they necessarily endorsed by National Wind Watch. These resource documents are shared here to assist anyone wishing to research the issue of industrial wind power and the impacts of its development. The information should be evaluated by each reader to come to their own conclusions about the many areas of debate. • The copyrights reside with the sources indicated. As part of its noncommercial educational effort to present the environmental, social, scientific, and economic issues of large-scale wind power development to a global audience seeking such information, National Wind Watch endeavors to observe “fair use” as provided for in section 107 of U.S. Copyright Law and similar “fair dealing” provisions of the copyright laws of other nations.

Date added:  September 26, 2023
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Floating offshore wind farms in Mediterranean marine protected areas: a cautionary tale

Author:  LLoret, Josep; et al. | Spain

Abstract – As offshore wind energy expands in Europe, maritime planners increasingly need to consider the potential effects of these activities on the different types of marine protected areas (MPAs), including Natura 2000 sites. The aim of this article is to critically review the initial development of offshore wind energy inside and/or in the vicinity of Mediterranean Natura 2000 sites and other types of MPAs. The western Mediterranean Sea is taken as an example as this is where most of the . . .

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Date added:  September 26, 2023
Spain, WildlifePrint storyE-mail story

High Bat Fatality Rates Estimated at Wind Farms in Southern Spain

Author:  Sánchez-Navarro, Sonia; Gálvez-Ruiz, David; Rydell, Jens; and Ibáñez, Carlos | Spain, Wildlife

Abstract – An astonishing number of bat fatalities (2,371 belonging to 15 species) were recovered in a provincial surveillance program at wind farms in Cádiz, at the southern tip of Spain, in 2005–2016. We carefully analysed a subset of this sample intending to estimate the true fatality rate in the year 2011, the year for which we had the richest data set (582 fatalities at 38 wind farms). To estimate the true fatality rate, we conducted search-efficiency and scavenger-removal trials in . . .

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Date added:  June 9, 2023
Environment, Human rights, India, Mexico, Mozambique, SpainPrint storyE-mail story

Peasant Studies

| Environment, Human rights, India, Mexico, Mozambique, Spain

Articles from The Journal of Peasant Studies Book review: Power struggles: dignity, value, and the renewable energy frontier in Spain Gavin Smith May 4, 2020 doi:10.1080/03066150.2020.1745391 [download pdf] After years in which nobody showed any interest, at last now as we enter the second decade of an apocalyptic century, the world’s fifth largest oil company is to address the energy transition. And they are going to do it by casting off the past and creating a new future with the . . .

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Date added:  August 26, 2019
Spain, WildlifePrint storyE-mail story

Griffon vulture mortality at wind farms in southern Spain: Distribution of fatalities and active mitigation measures

Author:  de Lucas, Manuela; et al. | Spain, Wildlife

Abstract: Wind is increasingly being used as a renewable energy source around the world. Avian mortality is one of the negative impacts of wind energy and a new technique that reduces avian collision rates is necessary. Using the most frequently-killed species, the griffon vulture (Gyps fulvus), we studied its mortality at 13 wind farms in Tarifa, Cadiz, Spain, before (2006–2007) and after (2008–2009) when selective turbine stopping programs were implemented as a mitigation measure. Ten wind farms (total of 244 . . .

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