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Avian vulnerability to wind farm collision through the year: Insights from lesser black-backed gulls (Larus fuscus) tracked from multiple breeding colonies
Author:  Thaxter, Chris; et al.
England, Wildlife

Pilot study on perceived sleep acceptability of low-frequency, amplitude modulated tonal noise
Author:  Hansen, Kristy; Nguyen, Phuc; Zajamšek, Branko; Micic, et al.
Health, Noise

Epidemiological study on long-term health effects of low-frequency noise produced by wind power stations in Japan
Author:  Ishitake, Tatsuya; Norimatsu, Yoshitaka; and Hara, Kunio
Health, Japan, Noise

Influence evaluation of infrasound by using both of biological information and infrasound sensors in the vicinity of wind turbine facilities
Author:  Nagamatus, Megumi; and Yamamoto, Masa-yuki
Health, Noise, Technology

In situ measured facade sound insulation of wind turbine sound
Author:  Thorsson, Pontus
Noise, Regulations, Sweden, Technology

How do audio and visual characteristics of wind turbines contribute to noise annoyance?
Author:  Schäffer, Beat; et al.

Implementation of the issue of noise from wind turbines at low frequencies
Author:  Marini, Martino; et al.
Denmark, Europe, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Noise, Regulations, Technology

Evidence of region-wide bat population decline from long-term monitoring and bayesian occupancy models with empirically informed priors
Author:  Rodhouse, Thomas; et al.
Oregon, Wildlife

Effect of unsteady flow on wind turbine wake development and noise generation
Author:  Sedaghatizadeh, Nima
Noise, Technology

Recent developments in the regulation of noise from wind energy facilities in Victoria
Author:  Asten, Heidi; Tarasenko, Ellen; and Ellicott, Thomas
Australia, Law, Noise

Long-term wind turbine noise exposure and the risk of incident atrial fibrillation in the Danish Nurse cohort
Author:  Bräuner, Elvira; et al.
Denmark, Health

Toward understanding the physical link between turbines and microclimate impacts from in situ measurements in a large wind farm
Author:  Rajewski, Daniel; et al.

Griffon vulture mortality at wind farms in southern Spain: Distribution of fatalities and active mitigation measures
Author:  de Lucas, Manuela; et al.
Spain, Wildlife

Visual fields, foraging and collision vulnerability in Gyps vultures
Author:  Martin, Graham; Portugal, Steven; and Murn, Campbell

Impacts of wind farms on surface air temperatures
Author:  Baidya Roy, Somnath; and Traiteur, Justin

Impact of wind energy on wildife and the environment
Author:  Henderson, Peter; Krüger, Oliver; Richarz, Klaus; and Byrne, Paula
Environment, Wildlife

Bald Hills noise monitoring data
Author:  Thorne, Bob; and Noise Measurement Services
Australia, Noise

Silent Menace (Part 1 of 2): Wind Turbine Infrasound – What You Can’t Hear Can Hurt You
Author:  Deever, Donald Allen
Health, Noise

Wind turbine sound limits: Current status and recommendations based on mitigating noise annoyance
Author:  Davy, John; Burgemeister, Kym; and Hillman, David
Australia, Noise, Regulations

Investigation of a microphone height correction for long-range wind farm noise measurements
Author:  Hansen, Kristy; Zajamšek, Branko; and Hansen, Colin
Noise, Technology

Experimental and numerical investigation of blade–tower interaction noise
Author:  Zajamšek, Branko; et al.
Noise, Technology

Prevalence of wind farm amplitude modulation at long-range residential locations
Author:  Hansen, Kristy; Nguyen, Phuc; Zajamšek, Branko; Catcheside, Peter; and Hansen, Colin
Australia, Noise

Industrial wind turbines and adverse health effects: A cardiologist’s view of the data
Author:  Johnson, Ben
Health, Iowa

Avian mortalities from two wind farms at Kutch, Gujarat and Davangere, Karnataka, India
Author:  Kumar, Selvaraj Ramesh; et al.
India, Wildlife

Do Renewable Portfolio Standards Deliver?
Author:  Greenstone, Michael; McDowell, Richard; and Nath, Ishan
Economics, Grid, U.S.

Impact of Long-Term Exposure to Wind Turbine Noise on Redemption of Sleep Medication and Antidepressants: A Nationwide Cohort Study
Author:  Poulsen, Aslak Harbo; et al.
Denmark, Health, Noise

Long-Term Exposure to Wind Turbine Noise and Risk for Myocardial Infarction and Stroke: A Nationwide Cohort Study
Author:  Poulsen, Aslak Harbo; et al.
Denmark, Health, Noise

Long-term exposure to wind turbine noise at night and risk for diabetes: A nationwide cohort study
Author:  Poulsen, Aslak Harbo; et al.
Denmark, Health, Noise

Comments on proposed amended habitat mitigation plan
Author:  Smallwood, Shawn
California, Oregon, Wildlife

Wind turbines cause functional habitat loss for migratory soaring birds
Author:  Marques, Ana Teresa; et al.

Kohmetscher v. Nextera
Author:  Kohmetscher, Kevin; Healy, David; and McGuire, Myles
Economics, Filings, Florida, Health, Nebraska, Noise, Property values, U.S.

Why Renewables Can’t Save the Planet
Author:  Shellenberger, Michael
Economics, Emissions, Environment, Wildlife

Interference of Flying Insects and Wind Parks
Author:  Trieb, Franz
Germany, Wildlife

Influence of wind turbine visibility on the health of local residents: a systematic review
Author:  Freiberg, Alice; et al.
Aesthetics, Health, Noise

Local Tax Abatements and the Texas Wind Industry: How Chapters 312 and 313 Are Scarring Rural Texas
Author:  Greer, Stanley
Economics, Environment, Health, Texas

Local Cost for Global Benefit: The Case of Wind Turbines
Author:  Frondel, Manuel; et al.
Germany, Property values

On infrasound generated by wind farms and its propagation in low-altitude tropospheric waveguides
Author:  Marcillo, Omar; et al.
New Mexico, Noise

Operational offshore wind farms and associated ship traffic cause profound changes in distribution patterns of Loons (Gavia spp.)
Author:  Mendel, Bettina; et al.
Germany, Wildlife

Evaluating anthropogenic landscape alterations as wildlife hazards, with wind farms as an example
Author:  Law, Peter; and Fuller, Mark

Quantifying the demographic cost of human-related mortality to a raptor population
Author:  Hunt, W. Grainger; et al.

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