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Bad Vibrations — Where's the Science?

Despite the growing body of case reports to the contrary, the wind-industry lobby continues to proclaim that there is no conclusive peer-reviewed scientific evidence that the vibrations from wind turbines have a negative impact on human health. …

[These data suggest] that MOE’s 40 dB(A) regulations meet the needs of only 60% of Ontario’s rural population. If MOE were to adopt regulations based on noise not exceeding any receptor point’s lowest pre-existing ambient background level by more than 3 dB(A) by night and 5 dB(A) by day, that could meet the needs of 95% or more of the population.

The resolution of this must fall to our elected representatives: For what percentage of the population is it acceptable to sacrifice health and well-being in order to meet green-energy goals for wind turbines?

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