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Announcements, Australia, Health, Noise, Studies:
Wind Farm Noise Laboratory Study

Economics, Emissions, France, Publications:
Nouveau livre concernant l’éolien – pour en finir avec les idées fausses

Announcements, Meetings, Noise, Studies:
Ninth International Meeting on Wind Turbine Noise: accepted abstracts

Deadly Turn

Action alerts, Environment, Impacts, Ireland, Press releases, Wildlife:
In response to Coillte’s planning application to Leitrim/Sligo Counties

Meetings, Noise:
Wind Turbine Noise 2021 — May 18-21, 2021

Environment, Law, Newsletters, Ohio:
The Windbreaker

Economics, Emissions, Newsletters, Wisconsin:
SOUL of Wisconsin newsletter

Action alerts, Economics, Emissions, Hearings, Iowa:
Utilities Strive to Stifle Citizen Intervenors

Action alerts, Law, Ohio:
Please write a letter of support for Ohio House Bill 401 (Reineke Referendum)

Fundraisers, Law, New York:
Spaghetti Dinner

France, Impacts, Publications:
Eoliennes : la face noire de la transition écologique

Aesthetics, France, Impacts, Protests:
Manifestation a Chartres contre les éoliennes

France, Protests:
Deux manifestations importantes

Meetings, Noise:
8th International Conference on Wind Turbine Noise – Draft List of Papers

Australia, Environment, Health, Noise, Publications:
Between Wind and Water (in a vulnerable place)

Announcements, France, Impacts, Press releases:
« Energy & Truth » wants to influence the debate on energy.

Action alerts, Iowa, Law, Setbacks:
Iowa wind bill blitz

Aesthetics, Economics, Environment, France, Publications:
Éoliennes : chronique d’un naufrage annoncé

Aesthetics, Economics, Environment, France, Protests:
Meyrand 18 Novembre: Rassamblement

Aesthetics, Environment, Flyers, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Wildlife:
Say No to Wind Turbines in Lake Erie

Action alerts, Iowa, Wildlife:
Request to “take” endangered, threatened, and protected bats and bald eagles

Economics, Impacts, Iowa, Law, Presentations, Safety:
Pros and Cons of Industrial Wind – presentation outline

Environment, Health, Indiana, Information, Noise, Wildlife:
Wildcat Wind Complaints

Events, Health, Ontario:
Understanding Stray Voltage and Industrial Wind Turbines

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