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Please write a letter of support for Ohio House Bill 401 (Reineke Referendum)

The major provision of HB401 allows local voters in individual townships to vote on industrial wind turbine projects which have been ap-proved by the Ohio Power Siting Board for the areas in which these local voters live. Currently, there is no local vote allowed by Ohio law. There is no local control. The bill also requires the use of safety manuals to determine safe setbacks.

The opposition pushback against local control is fierce. We must let those we elect to represent our interests clearly understand that local control of wind projects by affected township voters is critically important. Affected residents must be given a vote to approve or deny a project for their town-ship.

The Energy and Natural Resources Commit-tee will hold a proponent hearing for HB401 on Tuesday, Nov. 19 at 11 AM

Your letter of support can be emailed to Chairman Nino Vitale, Energy and Natural Resources Committee, and the committee clerk, Naomi del Guidice, at: Rep85@ohiohouse.gov [1]

Also copy Representative Bill Reineke at: Rep88@ohiohouse.gov [2]

Send your letter soon!
It should arrive by Monday morning, Nov. 18.
Please include your name, address, and phone number.

Letters may be short and need not contain technical information or expert opinion. Your thoughts and opinions in your own words are best. Points to consider:

Please make your voices heard!