April 30, 2019
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8th International Conference on Wind Turbine Noise – Draft List of Papers

International Conferences on Wind Turbine Noise

Draft List of Papers at 30th April 2019 for Wind Turbine Noise 2019, June 12-14, 2019, Lisbon [1]

[full schedule now available (click here for PDF) [2]]

Ethan: Wind Farm Environmental Noise and Vibration Impact Analyses: Background Sound, Project Construction, and Assessment of Final Project Vibration Immissions (United States)

Mranal: Advancements in continuous learning for tonality free turbine design (Denmark)

Tomohiro: A comparison of standardized methods for prominence analysis of tonal components (Japan)

Lars Sommer: Prominent tones in wind turbine noise – Round robin test of the IEC 61400- 11 and ISO/PAS 20065 methods for analyzing tonality content (Denmark)

Matthew: Amplitude Modulation analysis – now and in the future (United Kingdom)

Christopher: Long-term noise monitoring of wind turbine amplitude modulation (United States)

Till: Time dependent changes in sound pressure levels caused by wind turbines at long distances (Germany)

Thomas: How Critical is Low Frequency Noise for Micrositing? (Denmark)

Niels: Noise propagation at short range farfield position investigated by simultaneous measurements in the nearfield and the farfield. (Denmark)

Kristina: Low-level wind maxima and their effect on wind turbine sound (Sweden)

Bill: Sensitivity analysis of influential parameters for wind turbine noise (France)

Susanne: Measuring and Analyzing the Sound Propagation of Wind Turbines (Germany)

Kohl: Using Measured Sound Power Inputs for Comparison of Measured Immission Noise Levels and Sound Levels Predicted with ISO 9613-2 for Various Ground Factors (Canada)

Alice Elizabeth: A proposal for the prediction of sound pressure levels due to wind turbine operation (Uruguay)

Matias: Wind turbine noise propagation in flat terrain for wind farm layout optimization frameworks (Denmark)

Pablo: Noise Sorce Location in Wind Turbines (Spain)

Sylvia: Measurement of wind turbine noise characteristics in receptor position – A new IEC Technical Specification (United Kingdom)

Pierre: France – Germany: A Comparison of the Acoustic Assessment Procedures (Germany)

Rune: Danish experiences with measuring wind turbine noise at neighbor dwellings. (Denmark)

Tomas: Atmospheric absorption in sound power measurements of wind turbines (Denmark)

Alexis: Is it possible to predict background noise levels from measured meteorological data with machine learning techniques? (France)

Sarah: Measuring infrasound from wind turbine: the benefits of a wind shielding dome (Belgium)

Duncan: A study of background noise levels measured during far-field receptor testing of wind turbine facilities (Canada)

Arthur: Does Background Noise Vary with Seasons? (France)

Sabine: A low wind noise microphone for wind turbine noise (United Kingdom)

W. David: Wind Turbines and Groundwater Contamination: An Analysis (Canada)

Peggy: Testing the human response to wind turbine emissions (United States)

Isaac: Human Health Hazard – The Shirley Wind Story (United States)

Anu: Self-reported health in the vicinity of five wind power areas in Finland (Finland)

David: PIBE : a new French project for predicting the impact of wind turbine noise (France)

Geoff: I can still hear it and it’s making me ill (United Kingdom)

Thomas: Simulation of sound radiation of wind turbines using large-scale finite element models (Germany)

Alexandre: Airfoil LE Noise prediction supplement for PNoise Code (Brazil)

Wouter: Towards digital wind turbine noise certification (Germany)

Florian: Analyses of a high fidelity aero-servo- elastic process chain to assess low- frequency emissions from wind turbines (Germany)

Franck: A Wind Turbine Noise Code Benchmark – Round 1 (Denmark)

Dan: Numerical study of aerodynamic radiated noise of a Coflow-Jet Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (Romania)

Sara: A Brief Study on Noise Propagation of Airfoils from Wind Turbines Using the Lattice Boltzmann Method (Brazil)

Joseph Youssif: The Quasi-3D TE Rotor Noise Prediction Tool of the PNoise Code (Brazil)

Michaela: Aeroacoustic Assessment of Wind Turbine Blade Tips (Germany)

Cordula: Development of design guidelines for low noise but high yield wind turbines (Germany)

Ronan: Scales of turbulence on a wind turbine leading edge (Portugal)

Kevin: Aeroacoustic Optimization of a Small Wind Turbine – Methodology and Experimental Validation (Germany)

Alper: Hydrodynamic Analysis of Trailing Edge Serrations with Blunt and Rounded Edges (United Kingdom)

Xavier: Measurement of sound efficiency of trailing edge serrations (TES) on wind turbines in the Jura mountains. (Switzerland)

Farhan: Numerical Investigation of Porous Trailing Edge Noise Reduction Mechanism using lattice-Boltzmann Method (Germany)

Kathrin: Experimental Investigation of Self- Aligning Trailing Edge Serrations for Airfoil Noise Reduction (Germany)

Andrea: Current regulations for the protection against noise from wind turbines in Germany (Germany)

Christophe: WHO Environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region conditional recommendation for wind turbine noise in the context of Australian regulations (Australia)

David: Applying a general noise regulation on Wind Turbines: an administrative interpretation to a specific noise source (Chile)

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[1] Draft List of Papers at 30th April 2019 for Wind Turbine Noise 2019, June 12-14, 2019, Lisbon: https://www.windturbinenoise.eu/content/conferences/8-wind-turbine-noise-2019/2019-programme/

[2] full schedule now available (click here for PDF): https://www.wind-watch.org/alerts/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/2019-full-programme-v4.pdf