March 21, 2018
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Industrial wind turbines are being proposed in your community

Coalition for Rural Property Rights

Industrial wind turbines are being proposed in your community.

It may seem like a great opportunity but many people regret signing contracts, others regret not having fought them off and others have fought them off.

These are the issues you should educate yourself on.

1. Property values

2. Electromagnetic and frequency interference

3. Shadow flicker

4. Noise

5. Trespass zoning/safety

6. Health concerns

7. Farmland destruction

8. Neighbor contracts

9. No regulation, no due process, no protections

10. Killing of wildlife

11. Road destruction

12. Suffering for the “greater good”

12. Money

Top sites to begin research. No, these folks are not funded by fossil fuels though the wind companies love to say it. All of these sites are purely volunteer, just doing what we believe to be right.

Iowa’s own: Coalition for Rural Property Rights [1]
National Wind Watch [2]
Stop These Things [3]
Interstate Informed Citizens Coalition [4]
Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions [5]
North American Platform Against Windpower [6]
Mothers Against Wind Turbines [7]
Wind Concerns Ontario [8]
Waubra Foundation [9]
European Platform Against Windfarms [10]

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