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A Sleepless Summer

Seasons come and go in provincial Blaashoek, where the town’s superficial harmony is upended by the arrival of a wind park – a blessing for some, a curse for others. The irritating hum of the turbines keeps butcher Herman Bracke, known far and wide for his delicious ‘summer paté’, awake at night. He falls prey to a deadly fatigue and gradually loses control over his work, setting off a series of blood-curdling events, with fatal consequences for the townspeople. Life in Blaashoek will never be the same again.

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The author, Bram Dehouck [2], writes:

A butcher who can’t sleep because of the irritating hum of a wind turbine, a veterinarian obsessed by the shadow flicker on his garden lawn, a dog that keeps on barking to a turbine …

These are just three of the characters in A Sleepless Summer, a novel about a village that subtly goes to ruins after a wind farm is set up nearby. A Sleepless Summer has just appeared in English.

I got inspired for writing the novel when a wind park was installed just outside my own village. The gigantic turbines made me wonder what would happen if several villagers suffered from them.

The novel has won the Best Suspense Novel Award 2012 (The Netherlands) and the Hercule Poirot Public Prize 2012 (Belgium). The film rights were sold within a week after the book was first published, and it has already been translated to German. In 2016, a French edition will follow.

You can find the first chapter and more information via this link: www.worldeditions.org/all-books/book/a-sleepless-summer/ [3]

You can buy a copy at Amazon: www.amazon.com/dp/9462380473 [4]
Amazon UK: www.amazon.co.uk/dp/9462380473 [5]
Amazon Canada: www.amazon.ca/dp/9462380473 [6]

Nederlands: Een zomer zonder slaap – www.degeus.nl/alle-boeken/boek/een-zomer-zonder-slaap/ [7]

Deutsch: Sommer ohne Schlaf – www.randomhouse.de/Taschenbuch/Sommer-ohne-Schlaf/Bram-Dehouck/btb-Taschenbuch/e440063.rhd [8]