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    Source:  Institute of Noise Control Engineering—Europe

    Wind Turbine Noise 2015 — Abstracts Accepted  

    Source:  Institute of Noise Control Engineering—Europe | Meetings, Noise, Research, Scotland, Technology

    Wind Turbine Noise 2015 – 6th International Conference – INCE Europe
    Radisson Blu Hotel, Glasgow, Scotland | 20 – 23 April 2015

    Presentations – oral, poster or part of a workshop session:

    • Building integrated wind turbines: Noise, vibration and energy potential analysis – Dymock, Dance & Day
    • The DTU Wind Energy WTN Test Facility – Bradley, Mikkelsen & Legg
    • On the noise prediction of a serrated DU96 airfoil using the Lattice Boltzmann Method – van der Velden et al
    • Experimental comparison of solid and porous trailing edge serrations – Arce, Ragni & Pröbsting
    • Noise directivity from a vertical axis wind turbine – Möllerström et al
    • Low-Frequency acoustic near-field of wind-turbines – Richarz
    • Response to simulated wind farm infrasound including effect of expectation – Tonin, Brett & Colagiuri
    • Numerical simulation of airfoil trailing edge serration noise – Zhu & Shen
    • A history of wind turbine noise regulations in the Netherlands – van den Berg
    • Simulation of broadband trailing-edge noise – Influence of airfoil shape and flow characteristics – Rautmann
    • Development of a high-fidelity noise prediction and propagation model for noise generated from wind turbines – Debertshäuser, Shen & Zhu
    • How weather governs wind turbine sound propagation – Larsson
    • Wind turbines – A changed environment – Palmer
    • Modelling of house filter for wind turbine noise – Tachibana, Fukushima & Ochiai
    • Prediction of infrasound and low frequency noise propagation for wind turbines, a proposed supplement to ISO9613-2 – Hansen et al
    • Reduction of tonalities in wind turbines by means of active vibration absorbers – Engelhardt, Katz & Pankoke
    • An overview of recent research on AM and OAM of wind turbine noise – Madsen et al
    • An experimental and numerical parameter study on trailing edge blowing for reduced trailing edge noise – Gerhard, Erbslöh & Carolus
    • Basic principles and evidences of wind turbine noise generation mechanisms – Bertagnolio et al
    • Experimental characterization of stall noise toward its modelling – Bertagnolio et al
    • Displacement thickness evaluation for BPM-Type Airfoil-TE prediction models – Saab & Pimenta
    • Tonal noise from wind turbines – Evans & Cooper
    • Practical measurement method of wind turbine noise – Fukushima, Kobayashi & Tachibana
    • Background noise assessment in Utrecht – Balkema & van den Berg
    • Low annoyance operation of a wind farm – van den Berg
    • Aeroacoustic wind tunnel experiment for serration design optimisation and its application to a wind turbine rotor – Hurault, Gupta & Vronsky
    • Progress report on synthesis of wind turbine noise and infrasound – Walker & Celano
    • Impact of windturbine noise on local residents in mountainous terrain at Lista Windfarm, South Norway – Vaagene & Larsen
    • Stationary wind turbine infrasound emissions and propagation loss measurements – Huson
    • Constraints imposed by and limitations of IEC 61672 for the measurement of wind farm sound emissions – Huson
    • Perception and annoyance of low frequency noise versus infrasound in the context of wind turbine noise – Hansen et al
    • Experimental study of relationship between amplitude modulation and detection threshold of wind turbine noise – Yoon et al
    • Wind noise estimation functions for low frequency sound measuring in natural wind by different roughness classification – Kamiakito et al
    • The Institute of Acoustics’ Working Group on Amplitude Modulation in Wind Turbine Noise – Progress towards an agreed rating and assessment metric – Irvine
    • Sound source localization on wind turbines using particle velocity sensors – Serraris & Korbasiewicz
    • Noise protection regulations for wind turbines in Germany – Bauerdorff & Myck
    • Indoor simulation of wind turbine amplitude modulated noise – Fernández & Burdisso
    • Measurements demonstrating mitigation of far-field AM from wind turbines – Cand & Bullmore
    • Wind turbine noise propagation – Results of numerical modelling techniques to investigate specific scenarios – Sims et al
    • Automated wind farm noise measurement systems with feature analysis – Jiggins et al
    • Prediction of variability in wind turbine noise calculations – Cotté & Tian
    • Measured 10 m height wind speeds and shear corrected turbine noise predictions – Roberts & Shepherd
    • Affective response to amplitude modulated wind turbine sound – von Hünerbein & Piper
    • Source sound power level uncertainty – Woodward, Roberts & Shepherd
    • Findings of the Council of Canadian Academies Expert Panel on Wind Turbine Noise and Human Health – Howe
    • Can we really predict wind turbine noise with only one point source? – Ecotière
    • State of the art and new perspectives for the development of noise regulation of wind farms – Schild & Chavand
    • Impact of the siting of a rooftop mounted small wind turbine on the aerodynamic and aeroacoustic performance – Volkmer, Gerhard & Carolus
    • Modeling of ground and atmospheric effects on wind turbine noise – Tian & Cotté
    • From good practice guidance to solving amplitude modulation for wind turbine noise assessment in the UK – Perkins
    • Addressing the issue of enhanced amplitude modulation – Cassidy & Bass
    • Propagation of noise from wind farms according to the Good Practice Guide – a sensitivity analysis – Birchby, Cassidy & Bass
    • Numerical investigation of the aeroacoustics of small vertical axis wind turbines – Weber et al
    • Methods for assessing background sound levels during post-construction compliance monitoring within a community – Duncan et al
    • Wind turbines and infrasound: Monitoring techniques – Bonsma & McCabe
    • Metrological validation of the DIN ISO 9613-2 propagation model concerning wind turbine noise – Engelen
    • Compliance isn’t everything – Large & Stigwood
    • Cotton Farm Wind Farm – Long term community noise monitoring project – 2 years on – Stigwood, Large & Stigwood
    • Noise from wind turbines and health effects – Investigation of wind turbine noise spectra – Søndergaard
    • Current challenges of assessing excess amplitude modulation character in wind turbine noise during EIA/planning phase – Di Napoli & Lehto
    • Measuring coherent wind turbine infrasound – Vanderkooy & Mann
    • Noise optimized wind park operation – Petitjean et al
    • Dispersion of octave band data for sound emission measurements and their impact on sound immission predictions – Kaufmann & Kock
    • Investigation into the influence of windscreens during sound emission measurements in accordance with IEC 61400-11 ed. 3.0 – Kaufmann & Kock
    • Observation of vibration velocity at many parts of wind turbine and relational analysis with propagated sound to surroundings – Iwase et al
    • A system for measuring wind turbine infrasound emissions – Annan et al
    • Appropriate role for the acoustical consultant – Barnes
    • An amplitude modulation noise measurement and analysis for IEEE P2400 Standard Project – Xiang et al
    • Overview of IEEE standard development on amplitude modulation noise measurement – Xue et al
    • Efficient prediction of wind turbine noise in the frequency domain using Amiet’s theory – Sinayoko & Hurault
    • ALARM: Research on wind turbine tonalities – Vanhollebeke, Sonja & Ribbentrop
    • Research into a continuous wind farm noise monitoring system – Delaire et al
    • Study of secondary wind shield performance in the field – Griffin et al
    • On the overlap region between wind turbine infrasound and infrasound from other sources – Leventhall
    • Relationship between exposure to wind turbine noise and subjective and objective sleep disorder in southern part in Japan – Pilot study using new technology in sleep monitoring watch “actigraphy” – Morimatsu et al
    • Direct experience of low frequency noise and infrasound within a windfarm community – Swinbanks
    • A new method for determining the wind turbine noise based on the constant divergence of sound pressure level – Buzduga & Buzduga
    • Downwind propagation in low level wind jet conditions – Makarewicz
    • All over the road map: Health Canada, wind turbines and harm to human health – Krogh & Horner
    • Massachusetts research study on wind turbine acoustics: Overview and conclusions – McPhee et al
    • An investigation on the strength of Other Amplitude Modulation in wind farms in Southern Ontario – Ashtiani et al
    • An investigation on the effect of wind shear on wind turbine noise emission – Jozwiak, Halstead & Munro
    • Field comparison of IEC 61400-11 Wind turbines – Part 11: Acoustic noise measurement techniques: Edition 3.0 and Edition 2.1 – Jozwiak, Munro & Halstead
    • Spectral discrete probability density function of measured turbine noise in the far field – Ashtiani & Denison
    • Influence of vertical temperature gradient on long-range noise propagation from wind turbines – Bigot & Slaviero
    • Icing of wind turbines and the effect on noise – Long-term measurements – Appelqvist & Arbinge
    • Temperature gradient effects on sound propagation from a wind farm – Lenti et al
    • Wind turbine noise measurement: An efficient and reliable method for extracting the wind turbine noise out of the background noise – Tréfois & Dasse
    • Comparative analysis of wind turbine noise assessment and rating procedures in the UK, France and the Netherlands – Goemé
    • Sensitivity analysis test on the Italian ISPRA methodology to assess noise impact of operational wind farms – Fredianelli et al
    • Aeroacoustic simulation of an airfoil in turbulent inflow – Illg, Lutz & Kramer
    • Acoustic impact assessment of wind farms in Spain: The new approach of the Andalusian regulation – Grilo
    • Three common misconceptions on wind turbine noise: Myth & reality – Drobietz et al
    • The use of cumulative wind turbine noise related planning conditions – Mackay
    • Directivity attenuation coefficients – Research based on long term measurements – Coulon
    • On the measurement and prediction of wind-turbine trailing-edge noise – Stalnov, Chaitanya & Joseph
    • On the measurement and prediction of wind-turbine swishing noise – Cheong, Stalnov & Joseph
    • Experience with IEC 61400-11: Wind turbine measurement technique – Søndergaard
    • Background noise map creation through a CFD wind model – Bartolazzi & Marletti
    • Level fluctuations in wind turbine blade tones – Leventhall & Walker
    • What is the listening environment that is experienced by most wind farm neighbours? – Hayes
    • Kingston Massachusetts Wind Turbine Acoustical Study – Cox et al
    • Health-based audible noise guidelines account for infrasound and low frequency noise produced by wind turbines – Berger et al
    • Two standard approaches in date analysis of wind turbine noise measurement – Curcuruto et al
    • Low frequency amplitude modulation related to Doppler frequency shift: An experimental study of a 101m diameter wind turbine in a Swiss valley – Falourd et al
    • Doppler analysis and processing for the localization of low frequency tonal sound sources on blades: An experimental approach – Falourd, Marmaroli & Bollinger
    • Development of the Queensland Wind Farm Code and Guidelines – Terlich
    • The mechanism causing amplitude modulation noise – Bradley
    • Assessment of tonal components contained in wind turbine noise in immission areas – Kobayashi et al
    • Health and well-being related to wind turbine noise exposure: Summary of results – Michaud
    • Noise reduction for small wind turbine by trailing edge modification – Fujisawa, Yamagata & Saito
    • Environmental impact assessment and management plan on wind turbine noise in South Korea – Park
    • Wind farm noise optimisation tool – Fotheringham & Gemmell
    • Small wind turbines – Comparison of acoustic noise measurements in accordance to IEC 61400-11 Ed. 3 to BWEA Small Wind Turbine Guideline – Broneske

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