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Rally for Moratorium and Federal Investigation

Toronto, Ontario / Feb. 24, 2014

For too long the complaints about the impacts of industrial wind turbines from rural Ontario have been ignored at every level of our Liberal government. Before and after the Green Energy Act became law individuals pleaded with the Ministers of Energy, Environment and Health to do something to fix the problems people were reporting about the chronic sleep disturbance, ear pain, high blood pressure and noise annoyance.

Health Canada’s Principle Investigator Dr. David Michaud confirmed under oath at an Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal (October 4, 2013), in his statement made to federal MP Pierre Polievre, ‘that there is credible scientific support for an association between wind turbine noise and community annoyance’.

The Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine published a literature review (Jeffery et al. Jan. 2014) stating: ‘There is sufficient evidence to support the conclusion that noise from audible IWTs is a potential cause of health effects. Inaudible low-frequency noise and infrasound from IWTs cannot be ruled out as plausible causes of health effects.’

Why with this knowledge are we still facing a steady stream of industrial wind project approvals? This injustice only serves one sector of Ontario – the wind energy sector. They have preferred status at every level.

At a rally at Queen’s Park starting at 11:30 am February 24, Mothers Against Wind Turbines demands that a moratorium is called on all wind development now and that the federal authorities begin an investigation into the systemic failure to act to protect Canadian citizens from this harm.

Mothers Against Wind Turbines believes in protection of the innocent before all. Children should not be forced to bear the brunt of an ill-conceived energy policy that is harming their health, harming their quality of life and decimating their communities, while driving up energy prices and causing further economic disparity.

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