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    Source:  Wind Turbine Noise 2013

    List of papers: Wind Turbine Noise 2013  

    Source:  Wind Turbine Noise 2013 | Meetings, Noise

    5th International Conference on Wind Turbine Noise – 28-30 August 2013 – Denver, Colorado.

    Below is a current list of papers accepted. This gives an indication of the programme content but is not finalised and it does not indicate the order of presentations.

    • RoBin: An Efficient System to Fulfil the IEC 61400-11 Standard and Measure the Acoustic Emission of Wind Turbines with a Single Operator
    • Advanced Methods for Qualifying Background Noise Around Wind Farms
    • Broadband Noise Prediction of Small Horizontal Wind Turbine Rotor
    • Large-scale Calculation of Possible Locations for Specific Wind Turbines Under Consideration of Noise Limits
    • Masking of Sage-grouse Display Calls by Noise from Wind Turbines
    • Soundscaping: Ignoring the Health Experts and Their Perception of Wind Turbine Noise
    • Trading Off Human Health: Wind Turbine Noise and Government Policy
    • Wind Turbine Facilities’ Perception: A Case Study from Canada
    • Audit Report: Literature Reviews on Wind Turbine Noise and Health
    • Wind Turbines: What’s All the Noise About?
    • Infrasound Measurement, Interpretation and Misinterpretation
    • Measuring and Analyzing Wind Turbine Infrasound and Audible Immissions at a Site Experiencing Adverse Community Response
    • Amplitude Modulation Noise Analysis and First Look at Off-Shore Wind Turbine Aeroacoustics Simulation Study
    • Which Limits for Wind Turbine Noise? A Comparison with Other Types of Sources Using a Common Metric.
    • Sound Propagation from Wind Turbines Under Various Weather Conditions
    • Review of NACA 0012 Turbulent Trailing Edge Noise Data at Zero Angle of Attack
    • Wind Turbine Aerodynamic Noise Reduction by Stagnation Point Turbulators (STP) and Trailing-edge Serrations (TES)
    • International Legislation and Regulations for Wind Turbine Noise
    • Low Frequency Noise Proposed Wind Farm in Maastricht, The Netherlands
    • Wind Turbine Noise: What Has the Science Told Us?
    • Projected Contributions of Future Wind Farm Development to Community Noise and Annoyance Levels in Ontario, Canada
    • Standard Wind speed: How To Estimate It and Its Impact on Acoustical Assessments
    • Experiences With IEC 61400-11 Edition 3
    • Low Frequency Noise from Wind Turbines: Do the Danish Regulations Have Any Impact?
    • The Production of a Good Practice Guide to Assess Wind Turbine Noise in the United Kingdom Using ETSU-R-97
    • Evaluation of Secondary Wind Shield Designs for Outdoor Measurement of Low Frequency Noise and Infrasound
    • Source Identification for Low Frequency Structure-Driven Noise in Wind Turbines
    • Wind Turbines and Infrasound: Monitoring Techniques
    • Correlation Between People Perception of Noise from Large Wind Turbines and Measured Noise Levels
    • Noise Source Localization on a 8kW Wind Turbine Using a Compact Microphone Array with Advanced Beamforming Algroithms
    • The Measurement of Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise for Wind Farms
    • Hiding Wind Farm Noise in Ambient Measurements – Noise Floor, Wind Direction and Frequency Limitations
    • Tonality Assessment Methodology Employed at Residences Near a Wind Farm
    • Accuracy of Noise Modelling for Wind Farms
    • Noise’s Measure Inside Homes Generated by the Functioning of Wind Farm in Southern Italy
    • Amplitude Modulationand Complaints about Wind Turbine Noise
    • ALARM – Predicting Wind Turbine Tonality by Using a Validated Global Virtual Prototyping Approach
    • Hybrid Methods for Noise Prediction in Aeroacoustic Simulations of Small Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
    • Wind Turbine Noise Measurements – How Are Results Influenced by Different Methods of Deriving Wind Speed
    • How Frequency Response Influences Measurement and Audibility of Period Wind Turbine Sound
    • A Proposed Theory to Explain Some Adverse Physiological Effects of the Infrasonic Emissions at Some Wind Farm Sites
    • Infrasound and the Ear
    • Effects of Spatial Configuration on the Wind Turbine Noise Distribution in Residential Areas
    • Suppression of the Structure-bone Sound from a Wind Turbine Generator Using Active Vibration Control Devices: Model Experiment
    • Perception Change of Soundscape as Wind Turbine Alters Community Sound Profile
    • Simultaneous Indoor Low-frequency Noise, Annoyance and Direction of Arrival Monitoring
    • Noise Prediction of One Stage of Helical Gear System by Wind Turbine Load
    • Validation of WindPRO Implementation of Nord2000 for Low Frequency Wind Turbine Noise
    • Audible Amplitude Modulation – Results of Field Measurements and Investigations Compared to Psycho-acoustical Assessment and Theoretical Research
    • Wind Turbine Noise Modeling Based on Amiet’s Theory
    • Assessment of Wind Turbine Noise in Immission Areas
    • How Does Noise Influence the Design of a Wind Farm?
    • Perception of Low Frequency Components Contained in Wind Turbine Noise
    • Wind Turbine Noise Measurements in Practice
    • New Environmental Regulation for Wind turbines in Flanders (Belgium)
    • Evaluation of Wind Turbine-Related Noise in Western New York State
    • Danish Regulation of Low Frequency Noise from Wind Turbines
    • Acoustic Array Measurements of Wind Turbine Noise
    • Application of Phased Array Techniques for Amplitude Modulation Mitigation
    • The Variability Problem: Source Levels, Propagation, Community Response
    • A Jurisdictional Review of Wind Turbine Noise Policy: Environmental Assessment and Compliance Audits
    • Acoustic Monitoring and Surveillance
    • Wind Turbine Amplitude Modulation: Research to Improve Understanding as to its Cause and Effect
    • Tonality in Wind Turbine Noise. IEC 61400-11 ver. 2.1 and 3.0 and the Danish/Joint Nordic Method Compared with Listening Tests
    • Factors Affecting Perceived Annoyance Due to Wind Turbine Noise
    • Comparison of Low Frequency and Infra-Sound from Utility Grade Wind Turbine Generators to Common, Everyday Sources
    • Identification of Wind Turbine Noise Through Advanced Signal Analysis
    • Wind Power Development Trends in Denmark: Targets, Legislation and Social Acceptance
    • Highly Distributed Data Acquision on Wind Turbines
    • Wind Farm Noise Assessment: Tonality Detection and Rating
    • Wind Farm Noise Commissioning Methods: A Review of Methods Based on Measuring at Receiver Locations
    • Improvement of Regression Analysis on Wind Noise Effects for Low Frequency Sound Measuring in Natural Wind
    • Physics Based Spatial Acoustics in Virtual Scenes with Application to Wind Farm Noise
    • State of Wind Turbine Developments in Northeastern United States – 2013
    • Proposed Method for Characterizing Wind Turbine Noise and their Dependence on Meteorological Effects for Validation of Existing Studies
    • Aeroacoustic Noise Mitigation Investigation for Wind Turbine Blades
    • The New Good-Practice-Guide to Help Assessment of Wind Turbine Noise in Finland
    • Affective Response to Amplitude Modulated Wind Turbine Sound
    • Wind Farm Layout Optimization in Noise Constrained Areas
    • Wake Patterns and Noise in a Dual-Rotor Wind Turbine
    • Prediction of Thump Modulation
    • Research Sound Power Level VAWT Turbines in an Anechoic Chamber
    • Measurement of the Effect of Wind Shear on Wind Turbine Noise
    • Industry’s First Best Practices for Community Engagement and Public Consultation
    • Environmental Noise Assessment of Proposed Wind Farms Using Annual Average Ldn
    • Comparison of Measurement of Sound Propagation Over Water with ISO 9613(2)
    • Noise Prediction of Wind Turbine and Low Noise Blade Design
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