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Wind Victims Ontario

windvictimsontario.com [1]

Ontario has a new website for families who are facing the impacts of modern wind energy projects. Industrial wind turbines are being built too close to thousands of existing homes and businesses in Ontario. The Provincial Government’s failure to conduct adequate health studies has resulted in countless reports of serious difficulty for families, their pets and livestock. In some cases it has destroyed people’s health and their livelihoods.

Wind Victims Ontario will help to tell their story.

A lack of proper planning, a lack of due diligence, and no meaningful public consultation process on the part of the Ontario Government has resulted in large areas of residential, agricultural and wilderness land being converted into industrial electrical generating facilities. Literally entire counties will soon be covered with industrial wind turbines. The government currently has plans increase this development by a factor of five.

For 6 years authorities have been inundated with complaints and pleas for help from impacted families. So far the government has not shown any intention of correcting existing problems. And they continue to award more new contracts to wind developers. It would appear that our Ontario Government has intentionally created a system that rejects all health complaints associated with industrial wind projects.

Every rural community in Ontario faces the possible risk of wind development.

For generations these communities existed peacefully. Families and neighbours have lived in harmony for years. They choose to live and work in these areas because of the pleasant lifestyle that was offered.

Today, there are people forced to leave their homes and life-long communities because of health problems brought on by the turbine operations.

This is their story.

Wind Victims Ontario is intended to educate those who may be unaware of how extensive these problems are. Everyone is welcome to make use of the website; medical professionals, legislators, media professionals and the everyday person.

Most importantly, people and families that are suffering these ill health effects are encouraged to contribute and educate others of this situation. The site will be continuously updated. Please contact Wind Victims Ontario with your story or input.

Please note: An international version of this site is in the planning stages.