March 26, 2012
Impacts, Vermont

Turbine survey

Vermonters for a Clean Environment

To the Editor, Sheffield Beehive:

Vermonters for a Clean Environment (VCE) has been hearing from neighbors of First Wind’s Sheffield wind project who are complaining about noise, lighting and other issues related to the 16 big wind turbines on the mountain.

We have set up a form to give people an opportunity to report what they are experiencing, and to get a sense of how widespread the problems are. The form can be found at [1].

VCE assists citizens dealing with regulatory proceedings and holding corporations accountable. Based on our investigations into what happens with other big wind projects, we expect it may be a few months before the health symptoms typically experienced by people living near wind turbines becomes an issue for nearby residents.

Often, individuals settle with wind companies and those agreements require signing gag orders. By compiling information from the area, we hope to be able to determine the extent of the problems.

Annette Smith, Exec. Director
Vermonters for a Clean Environment

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Are Wind Turbines Impacting You?

People living near wind turbines have experienced the following problems:

• Excessive noise
• Shadow flicker
• Blinking lights
• Disrupted sleep
• Headaches
• Nausea
• Dizziness
• Depression
• Impacts on pets/wildlife
• Change in rivers, streams, wells

Vermonters for a Clean Environment is collecting reports from Vermonters who are feeling impacts from large-scale wind development.

To fill out a confidential survey to report impacts from turbines, go to: [2]

For more information about VCE, email or call 802-446-2094

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