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Stop wind energy subsidies TODAY

We are at a CRITICAL crossroads. The future of the main wind energy subsidies – primarily the Production Tax Credit (PTC), but also the 1603 Treasury Grant program – is likely to be resolved (for now) as part of a payroll tax deal.

The payroll tax cut was extended at the end of last year for 2 months, so a deal, if one is to be made, must be worked out by Wednesday, February 29.

[Feb. 15:  The PTC was not included [1] in the final deal. Lawmakers are now trying to insert it into an upcoming transportation bill [2], H.R.7 [3]. Amendments to that bill [4] are currently being considered [5] by the House Rules Committee [6] and/or the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee (Republicans [7], Democrats [8]).  Feb. 27: In the Senate, Michael Bennet of Colorado and Jerry Moran of Kansas have submitted amendment 1709 to S.1813 [9] on Feb. 17 to extend the PTC. It is being considered in the Committee on Environment and Public Works [10].]

The 1603 program expired at the end of last year, and the PTC will expire at the end of this year. They failed in the earlier deal, so some lawmakers, now pushed even harder by industry and investment interests [11], are trying to extend the PTC, and possibly the 1603 program, for another 4-10 years.

The bottom line is that if this can be stopped, the US wind “business” will likely dwindle and die.

Please call any or all of the legislators listed below, particularly those from your state or that you might have any connection with.

Please pass this on to like-minded citizens.

Thank you – YOUR phone call WILL make a difference!


Member Name DC Phone DC FAX Contact Form
Senator Max Baucus (MT) 202-224-2651 202-224-9412 baucus.senate.gov/?p=contact [12]
Senator Jack Reed (RI) 202-224-4642 202-224-4680 reed.senate.gov/contact/ [13]
Senator Benjamin L. Cardin (MD) 202-224-4524 202-224-1651 cardin.senate.gov/contact/ [14]
Senator Robert P. Casey, Jr. (PA) 202-224-6324 202-228-0604 casey.senate.gov/contact/ [15]
Senator Mike Crapo (ID) 202-224-6142 202-228-1375 crapo.senate.gov/contact/email.cfm [16]
Senator Jon Kyl (AZ) 202-224-4521 202-224-2207 kyl.senate.gov/contact.cfm [17]
Senator John Barrasso (WY) 202-224-6441 202-224-1724 barrasso.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?FuseAction=ContactUs.ContactForm [18]
Representative Allyson Y. Schwartz (PA13) 202-225-6111 202-226-0611 schwartz.house.gov/issue_subscribe.shtml [19]
Representative Sandy Levin (MI12) 202-225-4961 202-226-1033 levin.house.gov/contact-me/email-me [20]
Representative Xavier Becerra (CA31) 202-225-6235 202-225-2202 forms.house.gov/becerra/webforms/issue_subscribe.html [21]
Representative Chris Van Hollen, Jr. (MD08) 202-225-5341 202-225-0375 vanhollen.house.gov/Contact/ [22]
Representative Henry A. Waxman (CA30) 202-225-3976 202-225-4099 waxman.house.gov/Contact/ [23]
Representative Kevin Brady (TX08) 202-225-4901 202-225-5524 www.house.gov/brady/contact_page.html [24]
Representative Nan A. S. Hayworth (NY19) 202-225-5441 202-225-3289 hayworthforms.house.gov/contact [25]
Representative Tom Reed (NY29) 202-225-3161 202-226-6599 reed.house.gov/contact-me/email-me [26]
Representative Dave Camp (MI04) 202-225-3561 202-225-9679 camp.house.gov/Contact/ [27]
Representative Renee L. Ellmers (NC02) 202-225-4531 202-225-5662 ellmersforms.house.gov/index.cfm?sectionid=58&sectiontree=358 [28]
Representative Tom Price (GA06) 202-225-4501 202-225-4656 tomprice.house.gov/contact-me [29]
Representative Fred Upton (MI06) 202-225-3761 202-225-4986 upton.house.gov/Contact/ [30]
Representative Greg Walden (OR02) 202-225-6730 202-225-5774 waldenforms.house.gov/index.cfm?sectionid=117&sectiontree=7117 [31]