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Eastern Mount Lofty Ranges Landscape Guardians and Stop Keyneton Wind Farm

There is a new organisation of concerned residents and landowners from the Keyneton, Eden Valley and Cambrai districts of South Australia. This group has been formed in response to a 57 turbine wind “farm” planned for the area.

We have formed The Eastern Mount Lofty Ranges Landscape Guardians whose primary task is to ensure that all those that will be affected by the Keyneton and Eden Valley wind “farm” will have the full picture of the personal and environmental consequences.

The Guardians is an umbrella organisation that gives us affiliation with other groups that have a similar purpose of protecting our natural heritage and the wellbeing of the inhabitants, be they human or animal.

Inherent in our branch of the Guardians is the Stop Keyneton Wind Farm or SKWF known locally as Skew Whiff whose literal meaning is “to turn aside or deflect a sudden puff of wind”.

SKWF exists as a consequence of our member’s desire to do what we can to prevent the implementation of the Keyneton and Eden Valley wind “farm” for the following reasons:

It is our avowed intention to prevent the Keyneton and Eden Valley wind turbine industrial zone from being implemented by whatever legal means available to us and to help bring about an embargo on further such projects being forced upon our fellow unsuspecting country folk wherever they may be.

In gratitude and respect for the concern shown to us by others who are already afflicted by wind turbines we also resolve to do what we can to alleviate their conditions. We would like to ensure that the Government takes action to protect the quiet minority who are under threat of having their lifestyle overturned without proper consideration and forewarning of the true consequences.

It is our policy to welcome all comers, be they for or against this development, to our weekly meetings currently held at our Memorial Institute on Eden Valley Road, Keyneton every Thursday at 7.30 pm.

Eastern Mount Lofty Ranges Landscape Guardians Inc.