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Call your senators and representative

Currently, Congress is working on a bipartisan effort to extend tax breaks for American families and businesses.

The Section 1603 Treasury Grant Program provides wind and other renewable energy projects with a cash grant instead of the 30% federal investment tax credit.

The Section 1603 tax credit program is set to expire this December, and the wind industry is clamoring for its extension.

We need you to reach out and urge Congress to reject the costly wind industry agenda that is subsidizing jobs overseas.

CALL your senators and representative IMMEDIATELY and ask them to only support a final tax bill that does not include an extension of the 1603 Program.

Without the 1603 Program, the wind industry will be less able to siphon off taxpayers’ money for private profit.

Without the 1603 Program, rural and wild America will be safer from predatory industrial development.

Without the 1603 Program, energy planners will be more able to solve, rather than confound, our changing energy needs.

Please CALL your Senators and Representative IMMEDIATELY and ask them to kill the 1603 program.