October 12, 2010
Petitions, U.S.

Call for the U.S. EPA to fund studies to regulate noise from industrial wind turbines


The undersigned hereby request the allocation of funding by the U.S. EPA to conduct studies sufficient to regulate noise from industrial wind turbines.

Federal oversight of wind turbine noise is an urgent need, given the rapid proliferation of wind turbines. Antiquated, inefficient and inadequate state regulations have failed to protect property values, natural quiet, and public health from wind turbine noise.

Given the extended time necessary to properly assess and to propose regulation, we urge the immediate allocation of $500,000 and staff to this purpose.

URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/alerts/2010/10/12/call-for-the-u-s-epa-to-fund-studies-to-regulate-noise-from-industrial-wind-turbines/