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First International Symposium on Adverse Health Effects and Industrial Wind Turbines

Picton, Ontario, July 17, 2010 – The First International Symposium on the adverse health effects of industrial wind turbines will be held October 29-31, 2010 in Picton, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada.

Hosted by The Society for Wind Vigilance and supported by the County Coalition for Safe and Appropriate Green Energy, this groundbreaking two day event will feature prominent expert speakers from the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada who will provide important information relating to health issues reported by people living too close to industrial wind developments.

At the invitation of the Chair of The Society for Wind Vigilance, Dr Nina Pierpont, MD, PhD, New York, will be the key note speaker. Dr Pierpont is recognized as one of the first health specialists in the world to identify the pattern of symptoms that manifest themselves when people live too close to industrial wind developments.

Experts including Christopher Hanning, MD (U.K.), Michael Nissenbaum, MD (U.S.A), John Harrison, PhD (Canada) and Arline Bronzaft, PhD (U.S.A) are also among the outstanding roster of speakers. Topics include sleep disturbance, impacts on children, incorrect diagnosis leading to increased medication use and the urgent need for human health research.

The Society for Wind Vigilance is an international federation of physicians, engineers and other professionals formed in response to the growing number of serious human health issues that appear when industrial wind developments are located in close proximity to homes.

The Society advocates for a full clinical study into these health problems, mitigation of existing problems and a moratorium on further industrial wind development until these actions have been completed.

Further details on the symposium agenda and registration details will be provided in the coming weeks.

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