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Concert for people, landscape and nature



Place: Knutstorp Borg (Castle). Near Svalöv in Skåne (Scania). One hour and 15 minutes drive in car from Copenhagen Airport. Find the location on www.knutstorp.se

Time: Sunday 29th August 3pm-6pm

Organisers: Färingtofta Norra Ideel Förening and Föreningen Bevara Linderödsåsen (the association for the protection of Linderödsåsen) among others in cooperation with Mats Rodin and Henrik Wachtmeister and many others.

The top of Sweden’s cultural life is represented when music fills the air at Knutstorp Borg that is made available for the concert by landowner Henrik Wachtmeister to send a signal to the top of Swedish politics.

People, landscape and nature will be strongly influenced by wind turbines as high as 150-200 meters. Tens of thousands of people in the country side will be, or already are, affected directly by sound, shadows and blinking red light around the clock. The people involved with wind power know that the turbines are disturbing and push it to the very limits of what is allowed and even further. Protests and objections by local people are systematically ignored by politicians and the authorities. Now these people, the landscape and nature are given a voice carried by music – rock, jazz, classical and folk music. Programs will be handed out just before the concert.

Admission is of course free.

Make the concert a family outing and bring a picnic. Feel free to bring blankets and your own coffee. Coffee and waffles, drinks and sausages will be on sale.

All those taking part do so for free to show their compassion with the people that are already influenced or are about to be by distressing wind power. Make the concert the voice that cannot be ignored.

Please join us and give us your voice too.

Koordinator: Peter Skeel Hjorth
Phone: +46 708 166521
Email: peter@skeelhjorth.dk