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To the brave citizens of Ontario protesting against windfarms

Fellow victims of the windfarm scourge:

I am writing from Spain to voice our support to your demonstration at Queen’s Park in Toronto. I do it as President of Save the Eagles International, a platform dedicated to the preservation of biodiversity. Raptors, bats, and migrating birds stand to be decimated by windfarms worldwide, while bird societies are being used as shills by the wind industry.

Ontario is of particular concern to us as many wind turbines are being erected in eagle habitat and across important migration routes. A bald eagle killed by one of them was found last year in Norfolk County: this is the tip of the iceberg, as it is common practice for windfarm employees to get rid of embarrassing bird carcasses before they can be found.

I also write in the name of my fellow windfarm victims in Spain, members of the European Platform Against Windfarms. The wind lobby likes to quote Spain as an example of the success of wind energy. What they forget to say is that hundreds of thousands of neighbours are suffering from the vicinity of the monstrous machines. They don’t brag either about Spanish taxpayers paying over 6 billion euros a year (about 8 billion Cdn$) in subventions to various renewable energy schemes. All of which for no gain to the Spanish people, as the turbines have not reduced CO2 emissions by a single ounce, or fossil fuel imports by a single tonne. But the huge subventions did help put Spain on the list of near-bankrupt countries, next to Greece and Portugal.

This is why today, at Queen’s Park, the Spanish victims of the greatest extortion ever perpetrated by the political class wish to express their solidarity with their fellow victims in Ontario.

As for the dead eagles and other birds killed by the useless wind turbines, the members of Save the Eagles International can only express their anger and their indignation, which we hope you share with us.

God bless you all.

Mark Duchamp
President, Save the Eagles International
Co-founder, European Platform Against Windfarms

Save the Eagles International
Partida La Sella, 25
03750 Pedreguer, Spain
Tel : + 34 693 643 736