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Quebec solidarity with Ontario against wind industry

Ontario, April 28, 2010 [1]

The citizens of Quebec, involved in many different groups to protect their territory, are united in their effort to stop the intrusion of the wind mill industry in our communities without our consent.

We are united in denouncing the invasion of that industry and support each other all over the world. We know that the wind mill industry, as developed, is not the solution to reduce our environmental footprint nor to provide us with the energy that we need.

We insist that our governments put their effort and our money in research instead of becoming the entrepreneurs, manipulators and lobbyist of an industry that we don’t want nor need.

Citizens of Ontario, we are with you, we support your battle and wish you well on April 28, 2010

The Quebec citizen’s movement to protect our territories of wind mills:

Mireille Bonin, Massif du Sud, Québec
Regroupement pour le développement durable des Appalaches (RDDA)
Comité de vigilance de Ste-Luce
Comité de citoyen des Moulins
Association de vigilance éolienne du Québec (AVEQ)
Vigilance éolienne, Rivière du Loup
Collectif pour l’avenir de Frampton
Éole Prudence
Bruno Vézina, maire d’Irlande