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Wind Turbine Syndrome: A Report on a Natural Experiment

Nina Pierpont: Wind Turbine Syndrome: A Report on a Natural Experiment (Santa Fe, NM: K-Selected Books, November 2009).

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“This is an extraordinary book. It is personal and passionate, which makes it compelling reading. But it is much more—authoritative, meticulous, and scholarly. … It clearly takes its place as the leading work on the topic.” —Robert Y. McMurtry, MD, FRCS (C), FACS. Former Dean of Medicine and Dentistry at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Western Ontario, Canada.

“Like so many earlier medical pioneers exposing the weaknesses of current orthodoxy, Dr. Nina Pierpont has been subjected to … criticism. It is a tribute to her strength of character and conviction that this important book has reached publication.” —Christopher Hanning, MD, FRCA, MRCS, LRCP. Recently retired Director of the Sleep Clinic and Laboratory at Leicester General Hospital, one of the largest sleep disorder clinics in the United Kingdom.

“Dr. Pierpont has clinically defined a new group of human subjects who respond to low frequency, relatively high amplitude forces acting upon the sensory and other body systems.” —F. Owen Black, MD, FACS, Senior Scientist and Director of Neuro-Otology Research, Legacy Health System, Portland, Oregon.

“Impressive, interesting. And important.” —Robert M. May, PhD, Professor Lord May of Oxford OM AC Kt FRS. President of the Royal Society (2000–05), Chief Scientific Advisor to the United Kingdom government (1995–2000).

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