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To current and former residents of North Dakota

Although our nation is thirsty for energy, you will see from links on my site, that wind power is not the answer in supplying energy needs. In fact, production of industrial wind energy does more harm than good.

Few laws currently govern regulation of wind farms. That is slowly changing and wind developers are in a big rush to build facilities before new laws are enacted.

Developers claim this is a “community based” project. That might sound good at first but just how good is it? A few landowners would financially benefit. Labor force for construction of turbines would be short lived (3-5 yrs) and probably done with outside interests. Monitoring of turbines shouldn’t require employment of many people.

Wind developers usually target less populated rural areas because of less people to oppose their projects.

With the huge number of turbines proposed and the transmission lines needed to support the project, impacts on wildlife could be significant. This area is a primary migration route for the endangered Whooping Crane. It is also home to Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge [1] and the unique coteau prairie ecosystem that is comprised of wetland inventories as high as 100 per square mile.

This project would transform our natural prairie landscape in exchange for the financial gain of primarily out of state developers.

www.savecoteauprairielandscape.com [2]