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Wind plants and travel

I went away for the weekend to escape the monster turbines and in that time I went to Wexford Ireland to see some people suffering with the monsters.

I have discovered that I cannot go anywhere near them or even go past them to get to a destination. Life is planning a route around the monsters so I can travel pain free and not go as white as a sheet and dizzy. The visual impact is frightening to say the least as I start to go dizzy. Not very good if you’re driving. Seeing as I live in the middle of the beautiful hills How am I supposed to go shopping. The situation all over the world has got so seriously alarming it is unbelievable. There are so many of us suffering and what is being done about it? Very little. The powers that be need to stand up and take notice. How are they going to find the money for health care when we all start dropping like flies. The hospitals are over stretched as it is.

The wind companies say they create jobs. They’re right. They do. BUT we have to pay for those extra jobs they create: Doctors, Opticians, etc. Is there no end to this madness.

A very upset traveller,

Yvonne Sheehan.