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Wind Power Information Sources

Wind power is a technology issue, and, as such, is difficult for the media and normal citizens to accurately comprehend without spending the time to do a fairly substantial amount of research. The types of articles that appear on this topic fall into two general categories:

  1. those written by scientists and technical experts. These are often hard for most people to understand because they use many technical terms, and assume that the reader is fluent in the energy field. Additionally, many authors in this category are not proficient in making their material readable (as that is not their primary objective anyway). These articles are for those looking for a higher quantity of technical matter.
  2. those written by writers who have extensively studied the topic. These articles are much easier to read, even though the reader still has to have a working knowledge of some of the basic terms and concepts of the energy field. To further support their material these types of reports are usually well notated.

Both of these types of authors and articles are listed, as both are credible sources for information on this complex topic.

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