December 22, 2007
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Calumet County Citizens for Responsible Energy


DEAR WIND TURBINE COMPANIES (EcoEnergy and Midwest Wind Energy),

We are pleading with you to please answer a few of the questions we submitted to you several times over the last year. We are desperately waiting for you to respond.

1. If a turbine is sited 1,150’ from our homes, will we be affected by the noise? Please provide scientific documentation. The National Academy Study recommends 2,640′ to mitigate noise. Will we have headaches, loss of sleep, stress, and heart disease as a result of the low frequency noise? Will your legal counsel provide your claims in writing to us?

2. Will the quality of our drinking water be affected by the turbines and the miles upon miles of trenches that will be dug for the electrical wires? Please provide documented scientific proof. What happens if our water is affected? Will you sign a legal document stating that it is your responsibility to compensate for water problems?

3. Can you tell us without any doubt that we will have broadband wireless access for our computers and cell phones with no interference? Please provide examples and sources to talk to. All of our sources tell us there will be interference.

For the HEALTH & SAFETY of Calumet County Citizens, please submit your answers to:

P.O. BOX 1 / CHILTON, WI 53014

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Sometimes it makes sense to WAIT.

When you were a child, your parents warned you to WAIT for traffic to
clear before crossing the street.

When you were young, your parents warned you to WAIT a while after
eating before going swimming. You might cramp up, you know.

When you got a little older, family or friends might have warned you to
WAIT about getting too serious too soon with certain relationships.

If you don’t WAIT to check everything over when buying that used car, you
might end up with a lemon.

If you followed all their good advice to WAIT, you’re sitting here healthy and happy today.

So if you’re a Calumet County landowner thinking about having one or more wind turbines placed on your property, why not WAIT until the Johnsburg area turbines are up and operating to see what the real concerns might be?

For the health and happiness of Calumet County, PLEASE take a WAIT-and-see approach on wind turnines!

Calumet County Citizens for RESPONSIBLE Energy

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