November 10, 2007
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Animal Bioacoustics Standards Subcommittee Launched

Acoustical Society of America

The Acoustical Society of America is pleased to announce the formation of a new standards subcommittee focused on the subject of Animal Bioacoustics. The formation of this subcommittee was approved by Accredited Standards Committee S3, Bioacoustics, to provide an opportunity for American National Standards to be developed by experts in this specialized subject. The scope of the subcommittee includes: “Standards, specifications, methods of measurement and test, instrumentation and terminology in the field of psychological and physiological acoustics, including aspects of general acoustics, which pertain to biological safety, tolerance and comfort of non-human animals, including both risk to individual animals and to the long-term viability of populations. Animals to be covered may potentially include commercially-grown food animals; animals harvested for food in the wild; pets; laboratory animals; exotic species in zoos, oceanaria or aquariums; or free-ranging wild animals.”

Membership in the subcommittee is open to companies, government agencies, or professional, scientific or trade associations, with a direct and material interest in the work of the subcommittee. Members of the subcommittee may also elect to become members of Accredited Standards Committee S3 if they wish.

The subcommittee operates according to operating procedures that are accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and meet the ANSI requirements for openness, balance, and due process. Organizations wishing to learn more about this subcommittee or the other standards committees and U.S. Technical Advisory Groups administered by the Acoustical Society of America should contact the Standards Secretariat at the telephone number given below or by e-mail at

The initial meeting of S3/SC 1 will be held in the Estherwood room of the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel on 30 November 2007 at 1:00. The meeting is open to the public.

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