October 9, 2007
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Lecture and Film on Wind Energy Issues Coming to Westfield, NY

Advocates for Arkwright

WESTFIELD – Writer, filmmaker, artist, and environmentalist Jon Boone will present his views on the wind industry, and screen his documentary “Life Under a Windplant” Wednesday, October 17, 7 pm at the Westfield Academy and Central School auditorium. This public event is sponsored by Chautauqua County Citizens for Responsible Wind Power.

“Jon Boone has done extensive research about claims made by the wind industry, and his film “Life Under a Windplant” has been seen internationally. Wind development is a hot issue in our area, and we’re very fortunate that Jon has agreed to visit Chautauqua County,” said Rev. Paul J. Coran from CCCRWP.

Jon Boone has been a formal intervener in two Maryland Public Service Commission hearings. He produced and directed the documentary, Life Under a Windplant, which has been freely distributed within the United States and many countries throughout the world. He also developed the website Stop Ill Wind [1], where anyone can read his complete direct testimony, with many related documents, in the Synergics wind case before the Maryland Public Service Commission. He seeks informed, effective public policy that avoids wishful thinking because it is aware of the unintended adverse consequences flowing from uninformed decisions.

His 2006 speech The Wayward Wind, given in Wyoming County, NY will be published next year by McGraw Hill, as will his recent scholarly essay, Less for More: The Rube Goldberg Nature of Industrial Wind Development.

A lifelong environmentalist, Jon helped create the North American Bluebird Society and has been a consultant with the Roger Tory Peterson Institute in Chautauqua County. He is a former university administrator and now a painter/artist who receives no income from his work on wind technology.

Westfield Academy and Central School is located at 203 East Main Road (US Route 20) in Westfield, NY. For more information, one may call 716-326-7572. The lecture is open to all.

This press release is also posted online at www.advocatesforarkwright.blogspot.com [2].

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