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Friends of Animals

Friends of Animals’ Summer 2007 issue of their Actionline Magazine features a story called: “Wind Farms – The Hype and the Hope [1]“.

This is the second time that this national animal-protection organization has printed a feature story in their magazine about industrial wind farms (Wind Farms and Animals [2], Actionline Magazine, Fall 2005).

To my knowledge, they are the only big animal protection group that seems to really care about what happens to wildlife at wind farms. All the others ignore the issue or pay it minimal lip service.

Please write, email or fax Friends of Animals and thank them for caring, and urging them to continue with their coverage of this important and vastly ignored issue. Even if the coverage is not exactly as we would want it to be, at least they are covering the issue. No other national animal group is. You can also ask them to send you thier free brochure called “Who we are, What we do”:

Priscilla Feral, President
Friends of Animals
777 Post Road
Suite 205
Darien, CT 06820
Phone: 203-656-1522
Fax: 203-656-0267