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Little Falls, NY   March 8th, 2007 – Want electricity? Don’t count on wind farms to deliver. A recent analysis of transaction data filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for the period July ““ September, 2006, shows that the large Maple Ridge wind facility in Lewis County produces electricity in a very erratic manner, and generally at levels far below promised output.

Richard Bolton, President of Environmental Compliance Alliance in Rushville, New York, stated that “Maple Ridge has a nameplate capacity of 240 MW, but for 40% of the third quarter of 2006, the wind farm produced a paltry 30 MW or less, or no more than 12.5% of nameplate capacity. At no time during that three-month period did the output sustain the full 240 MW. Indeed, the wind turbines produce more than half the rated output only 15% of the time.”

Mr. Bolton’s analysis shows that the promise of “green” power from industrial wind turbines is a sham. They produce little power during the period of greatest need, yet blight the landscape with their 40-story-tall structures. With wind unable to perform when demand is highest, power companies have to fall back on traditional sources of electric power, fossil-fuel and hydro power.

Fairfield Concerned Citizens Inc. has been formed to bring public attention to the problems which may result if the proposed industrial wind facility is built, and to bring legal proceedings if necessary. To that end, Fairfield Concerned Citizens Inc. has retained attorney Robert M. Cohen, of Ballston Lake, New York. Tax deductible donations can be sent to Fairfield Concerned Citizens Inc. at P.O. Box 1013, Little Falls, NY 13365.

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